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WHAT: Ashton residents are invited to play Human versus Zombies on March 3 at 1 p.m., starting in Barnes Lounge and then moving outside for a mission. Humans vs Zombies is a game of tag between two teams: Humans and Zombies. Humans are armed with Nerf guns to survive the impending zombie outbreak. But the zombies are growing in number by the day! *For those “humans” playing that don’t own a nerf gun, feel free to bring a pair of socks to make “sock ball weapons” to stun zombies as well!

STILL A LITTLE CONFUSED? The Zombies haven’t even gotten your brains yet! But all the same,

To find out more and how you can be a part of The Search For The Cure mission, come to Barnes Lounge on THIS Wednesday, March 28 at 7 p.m. for a brief informational meeting including an HVZ video, a briefing on the rules, and don’t forget to bring your nerf guns for testing!

– Humanely yours, the HVZ moderators of Ashton



A thousand views later…

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 Thanks to all that visits because the page breaks 1,000 views! Ashton Student Government is very proud and hope that you all are having a great experience in the residence hall!

In light of such an event close to the holidays, submit feedback to tell us your favorite memory living here in Ashton this semester! 


Way to go Ashton—we just found out that we won the Fall 2011 Campus wide energy challenge.  WE GOT FIRST PLACE!
NICE JOB!!  Come check out our trophy and plaque at the center desk. We will be hosting an event in December to recognize all of our Ashton students for your dedication to this event—more info to come soon! Thanks again.

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Remembering Rocky Horror…

People watch and wait to say hilarious lines part of a participation script.

Ashtonians now put on their tights and high heels as they watch this Halloween cult classic. Some people dressed up and others took admiration to throwin toast. Take a look at the photos (along with other events) shot at the Spooktacular event HERE